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What I was thinking myself

Current Affairs

This was exactly my opinion last night while I was watching the debate. The constant repetition of “my friends” was spooking me out, but I didn’t think anyone else had noticed it, until I read the following. Via The Volokh Conspiracy – Dear Senator McCain:… Dear Senator McCain: Repeatedly calling me and everyone else in the United States “my friends” is extremely annoying. In part, it’s just an irritating phrase. Beyond that, I’m not your friend. […]

Power and pirates


It would seem that (and thanks to Electric Venom for reminding me) today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. We take language seriously over here on this blog, so we shall go around saying “Arrrrrh!” to all our friends today. I hope that they can deal with it. Fair disclosure: I am not doing this solely to pretend I’m a pirate today, although that certainly has its charms. I simply want to distract Cincinnati […]

Friendly electric


It’s not only amazing how many social activity oriented services there are on the Internet, but amazing how many I’ve joined. I love to look like a skeptic, but that only goes so far. I’ve just tried friendfeed, which doesn’t seem to work when I paste its widget into my sidebar. So, forget that service. Twitter is also becoming doubtful in my eyes. Why did I think everyone should know what I’m doing? I have […]

End of another fine Thursday


Dentist: uneventful. Only screamed once. But seriously, folks… nothing to report, and only reporting the nothing because I’d promised you all I would. I am noticing a rhythm to the days now, for the first time since my operation a year ago this last March. It’s a good rhythm, one I haven’t had at least since I’d drop Peter off to grade school and head to my math classes at the University of Cincinnati, an […]

The final Whatever


My blog-friend LeRoy isn’t seeing too many ways out of his current predicament. ‘What can I say to all my friends? How can I say goodbye?’ A part of my brain once came close to Death, as close as I’ll come for now. And all I have left from this encounter is the dubious wisdom of knowing that it’s still there, death is, right where I left it last.

Sort of back


Where I am right now: Paris. And no, not Paris, Kentucky 🙂 We spent a week on a barge in Belgium and Holland with some friends, floating around and, for me at least, trying to eat too much. I don’t want to start losing weight. No, we can’t have that, can we? Then, Buck wanted to run in the Paris marathon. He ran the last half of it, got his medal, and is very pleased […]