chance meetings

This blog has gained vastly increased importance to me in the past few days — a friend of mine (you know who you are!) found me again through it. I haven’t seen him in about 15 years, but judging from his pictures, he is much the same: Just as mischievous-looking as ever, and Still clearly Continue reading chance meetings


Peter is on a trip this weekend with his class. I asked him where they were going, and he couldn’t get more specific than “West Virginia.” He was upset that he wasn’t allowed to bring his own gear, because he has some nice stuff. I explained to him that not everyone has their own gear, Continue reading Trips


Not going to go to the local production of My Fair Lady. I simply don’t like big flashy musicals like that. I’d rather go see the real play that it’s based upon. Why do people always think that a good thing can always be made better? Especially if the “making better” involves loud music and Continue reading Pygmalion