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I try to be green for a while

Natural world

One thing that I love about Boulder is that it gets me out of the house, quite literally, and moving. The reason for this is that everything (almost) that we might want to do is within walking distance of where we live, or accessible on a bus route. Now my great fear in this particular post is that I will start sounding like some naive eco-person whose interest in saving the earth comes from a […]

Just the sort of morning


It’s just the sort of morning that we all want to spend at home, enjoying. So I spend it inside, typing on a laptop. Green light filters down from all of the trees. I have to stop looking through Zappo’s for walking shoes, and walk. Walking doesn’t exactly need special outfits. Many of my neighbors might be surprised at such a statement, though. They figure, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth buying a special suit […]

Powerlessness and power

Natural world

I must start out this blog post by admitting a thing that might make me either very popular here in Cincinnati, or, possibly, unpopular: we have electrical power at our house. Ever since Monday’s infamous “deluge” by the remnants of hurricane Ike, with huge windstorms and much power outage, the most common question around here is “Do you have power?” We came home, slowly but surely, yesterday, to find out that we did have power […]

Words of One Syllable Dept.

Words of One Syllable Dept.

So that explains about the food… – Experts to Probe Mysterious ‘Little Green Man’ Lights Seen Over London – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News UFO experts in England Thursday called for a probe into this summer’s “Little Green Man” sightings — as one was spotted above a TESCO supermarket.

The August change

Natural world

The local trees, a few of them at any rate, like the buckeyes, which get leaves first and drop them first, are starting to change color a little bit. They are turning a paler green, in preparation for the yellows to come next month. There is definitely not the uniform lushness of deep green that there was everywhere in June. I make a point of spending hours outside, sometimes writing, usually not, in order to […]

Tuesday happenings

Current Affairs

Tuesday happenings are not thick on the ground here. However, we will refrain from describing how the Velcro on our wallet is wearing out, and will point you to some actual thinking being done this morning (while it’s actually still morning). Sisu helps me figure out Obama’s campaign strategies, and Maggie’s Farm provides me with enough links to keep me thinking the rest of the day. And, party on, everyone!

Thinking about a sentence


We went to see Atonement today, and it was absolutely wonderful. I suppose I could write about it, but I don’t intend this to be a movie review. What is important to me now is its subject: no, not “love gone wrong” or “betrayal,” but that of getting the story right, like the Old Briony (portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave) does at the end, in her interview, giving out the last bit of truth. I want […]