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Enough about depressing things

Cancer / Science / Spirit

You do learn to say that to yourself, and I think this is a major step forward for a cancer survivor. I know I had to say it today several times before the small moth-like anxieties fled. Then there was a horrible show that I slurped right up on E! TV about stars’ mental problems. I felt so home there with Gwyneth Paltrow going through the “baby blues” as they’ve come to be called. I […]

2 meetings this morning


The title means that I spent various meetings in my aspect of recovering cancer patient. I am a very classy, cool patient because Humphrey Bogart had it, and he is the ultimate of coolth. Therefor, this ultra-cool recently treated herself to two cancer meetings today, on right after another. One meeting was working on getting our cancer center to be recognized as a properly qualified center. The next meeting was about finding additional sources for […]

Kid safely home


Peter has made it back home here this morning, fresh from the wilds of NYC. He has nothing but awful things to say about the airline that cancelled his flight last night for no good reason, but he seems to have forgotten all of that in the reunion with parents and chihuahua. He and his chihuahua have gone back down the block to his place to get fresh clothes (well, clothes for him, not the […]

Letters from Paradise


Well, okay, Letters from Chautauqua. But I love it here. I haven’t updated as much because, well, nothing happens in paradise, does it? That’s rather the definition of paradise: always the same loveliness. But tomorrow is the trip home, and to always the same… unloveliness? No, that’s not what I mean. But there will be two cats, and two dogs (we get to take care of Beatrix the Chihuahua for Peter till his return) and […]

Leaving Boulder


I hate leaving Boulder, but nothing mattered then but coming home for a soulful house of kiittens and a very happy puppy. We ordered in the pizza and spaghetti and began adjusting to out new house again.