Gratuitous humor

You know, it still doesn’t seem like election year yet. Or maybe it’s just me. From ScrappleFace, (2004-03-16) — In the wake of claims by Democrat presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry that foreign leaders hope he wins the White House, President George Bush today said “unnamed foreign leaders told me they want me to clean Continue reading Gratuitous humor

via VodkaPundit

I don’t much like politics. But I much like humor, and so couldn’t resist… VodkaPundit – Chill Before Serving Late Night Caucusing From Letterman: Top Ten Howard Dean Excuses 10. “The Iowans turned it into a popularity contest” 9. “People don’t seem to find shouting ‘Presidential’” 8. “Weekend before the caucus, wasted 55 crucial hours Continue reading via VodkaPundit

Sunday morning

Tis a lovely Sunday morning, so sunny you could easily forget that it’s December (and a Day of Infamy, at that). In fact, it’s so pretty that I have to put in a blog entry out of sheer exuberance. But just so as this thing has some redeeming value, here’s a bit of humor via Continue reading Sunday morning