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Peter goes to Sundance


This past winter, Peter got to fulfill his movie-lover’s dream of going to the Sundance Film Festival. Of course, picture opportunities abounded for any young man with an iPhone. However, this is the only one I got sent. (On left, Peter’s soon-to-be brother-in-law Dan, on the right is Peter. In between is Tobey Maguire.) (Spiderman! Hah!)

She’s not there


As you may have noticed — or not, seeing as you’re not here, I think — I have fled the joyous confines of Cincinnati and am now nestled in a nice, fluffy hotel room in London. It even seems to be reasonably close to the British Museum. Closer than Cincinnati at least. And I arrived just in time for the classic British autumn weather as well. Which means there was not much walking around the […]

More pictures from last evening…


A few more photos from my attempts at Lomography last night. It can be interesting trying to control an iPhone camera while walking a few dogs… Related articles by Zemanta Lomographic Amigos Program ( How To Take Great Action Photos With Your iPhone 3GS (