You’ve got to dig it

[and check out the picture] From Thelonious Monk "you've got to dig it to DIG it, you dig" Thelonius Monk handwritten advice RT @LettersOfNote cc @ELEWROCKJAZZ — Jag Bhalla aka the @NanoSalad guy (@hangingnoodles) September 28, 2011

Music on the side

Down there on the right column, as I write, is the latest bit from my listenings. Do bear in mind, won’t you? That I love me some classics, but might not consider the same things as classics that you do. True jazz lovers will smile at the fact that Chet Baker has just poked Continue reading Music on the side

Thanks to y'all

Those of you who might have just tried accessing my site and found a 500 error deserve thanks for your patience as I upgraded WordPress to version 2.3 This version is named after the wonderful saxophonist, Dexter Gordon. He truly was/is excellent. Try this album: “Daddy Plays the Horn” (Dexter Gordon)