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John Lennon’s rotten tooth for sale.


John Lennon‘s tooth: too strange not to be true. John Lennon’s Rotten Tooth for Sale for $16K. Related articles John Lennon’s Tooth ( John Lennon’s Tooth To Go Up For Auction! ( Molar Memorabilia: John Lennon’s Tooth Going Up for Auction (

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I’ve had a definite style of playing – I’ve always had, But I was overshadowed. They call George the invisible singer. I’m the invisible guitarist. John Lennon

Ahh, music! (Beatles!)


And the Intertubes take a serious hit in productivity with Apple’s latest announcement of the availability of the entire Beatles catalog on iTunes. Wait, that sounded like I was sticking my nose up at it all. Heck no, I’m downloading the box set as we speak. Or as I type, to be more precise. Related Articles Fab Four Frenzy: the entire Beatles catalog is now available in iTunes ( Apple announces the complete Beatles catalog […]