Jam on it

I love traffic jams in Jerusalem — the small ones involving ten cars or so on the secondary streets. Everyone honks. Or gesticulates. Or waits with steaming patience. Drivers know not to take anything personally because, even if it’s meant personally, it’s not meant that personally. Whether the jam is caused by over-caution or stupidity, Continue reading Jam on it

the life

After a long, hard morning of Rosh HaShanah services at the temple at which the rabbi is teaching for the week, I relax at the bar by the pool here at the Mondrian hotel. A beer keeps me company while the hotdog gets itself prepared in the kitchen. Of course, they have much fancier cuisine Continue reading the life


That is how I am coming to think of the initial set-out of travelling. Sudden overwhelming need for my house, my cats, my furniture, even my bedspread. All the clutter life brings about you, but which you don’t usually think about. A dream around suppertime: My son has had friends over (the ones in the Continue reading uprooting