Yet another reason to switch to Macintosh

beta @ amanzi » How not to design a webmail service This post looks at the layout of the new Windows Live Mail website. I can’t believe how bad it is – this is definitely a lesson in how not to design a webmail service.

record uptime!

I’m on a segment of record uptime here, on the Macintosh. I almost had to reboot just now, and I wanted to have this uptime recorded on the blog. Hey, it’s my blog, and I get to boast! 😀 Processes: 73 Averages: 0.04 0.32 0.37 Uptime: 18 days 11:40

For you Mac people

You know who you are. It took me a moment looking at the screenshot over at VersionTracker to see what the differences between this Macintosh theme and the regular Tiger Aqua interface are, but as soon as I did, I installed. UNO 1.1 – VersionTracker:: On an higher level, UNO’s main goal is to enhance Continue reading For you Mac people