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Autobiographies I love


I have been writing a lot lately, which you cannot tell from here because I have posted almost none of it. I am not going to correct that situation now, but put down a list of my favorite autobiographies — few in number. Cider With Rosie, Laurie Lee Look Homeward, Angel, Thomas Wolfe Lit, Mary Karr

Done with Lit. Next, This Boy’s Life

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I have finished Mary Karr‘s Lit, minutes before Sally and Other Patti came over for our usual Movie Night. I usually don’t use the word “harrowing” when talking about — well, anything — but that is an adequate adjective here. There is probably a better adjective, but I cannot come up with one on the spur of the moment. I loved the book. It also exhausted me. Her dealing with her own demons got a […]

Some Czesław Miłosz to start off the new year

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Mary Karr (whose Lit I have been reading obsessively rather during these last couple of days) and Christopher Robinson read and discuss Czesław Miłosz‘s “Late Ripeness.” I had not known about this series of webcasts on Youtube, but am now going to check it regularly. MK and I were poetry geeks growing up, both of us. She stuck with it better than I have. Fortunately, that can be fixed.

The first day of the year


Wandering around the house this afternoon dragging around a chihuahua attached to my foot — Peter is away for New Year’s and left her in our care and she loves to attack my feet as I walk — I thought (among many other things, mostly to do with chihuahuas) that it would be lovely to get to posting more often here. To that end, post-a-day: it seems to be the new experiment here on […]