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Alan Turing as a young student

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What do young geniuses read, anyway? I cannot resist a good math article, or a good computer science tidbit, or a good history of math article, and I seem to have found all three of them in one place, Alex Bellos’s blog, in (as of this reading) in two entries about Alan Turing’s reading and study habits while at Sherborne School which he attended for what we in America would call high school. Book list […]

Herman Cain’s Pseudomathematics : EvolutionBlog

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I love it when people get caught out trying to snow others with fake math references. Now it’s the turn of Herman Cain. Finding out that [Herman] Cain was a math major gives me the same flush of embarrassment I get when I hear that a Jew did something bad. As for bamboozling people with mathematics, thats just an old creationist trick. via Herman Cain’s Pseudomathematics : EvolutionBlog.

Duel at Dawn: math can do that to you

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In Hungary, winters can be long (so I’m assuming). Before television, intelligent Hungarians tried many different pastimes to make it through those dark days. One of these, János Bolyai, resorted to non-Euclidean geometry. Bolyai wasn’t warning his son off gambling, or poetry, or a poorly chosen love affair. He was trying to keep him away from non-Euclidean geometry. via Duel at Dawn – The Barnes & Noble Review. I myself tend to contemplate the Cantor Set, but that’s […]

This is how I learned math. Math is hard.


“Everyone fails a math test,” my tutor told me, after I had failed one. I found out, as time went on, that those words were not just a consolation but the truth. Math, for the vast majority of us non-child-geniuses and prodigies, is very difficult. However, you simply have to get through it. You do the work, and eventually get to understand not only how to get the right answer, and get it in a […]