Something everyone wants, but is different for different people. Is it just the lack of external strife? Then surely the societies attempted by Hitler, Tito, Pol Pot and others would qualify. All conformity — everybody gets the same. (Except of course for those animals who are more equal than other animals!) We are not, by Continue reading Peace

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night: when the cloud is mistaken for the mountaintop morning: when the mountaintop is mistaken for the cloud day: mountain is mountain, cloud is cloud [July 29, 2006]

Confusion in Britain

That bastion of stalwartness and truth, The Sunday Times, has, it seems, trouble differentiating between people of different nationalities and genders, who may or may not have been killed several thousand miles apart. The Jawa Report: Sunday Times Retracts Atwar Bahjat Beheading Story After Bloggers Fact Check The Sunday Times has retracted their May 7th Continue reading Confusion in Britain