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Power and pirates


It would seem that (and thanks to Electric Venom for reminding me) today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. We take language seriously over here on this blog, so we shall go around saying “Arrrrrh!” to all our friends today. I hope that they can deal with it. Fair disclosure: I am not doing this solely to pretend I’m a pirate today, although that certainly has its charms. I simply want to distract Cincinnati […]

The rain of fall

Natural world

We have a very rainy day, the tail ends of Hurricane Whichever; there are so many hurricanes either here or threatening to be here that it’s hard to keep score. however, all that rain has to go somewhere. It goes here. We needed it, though, and, like I said, here it is. I have to wonder, though, why that which is good for the natural world, such as this needed rain, is not equally enjoyable. […]

Kid safely home


Peter has made it back home here this morning, fresh from the wilds of NYC. He has nothing but awful things to say about the airline that cancelled his flight last night for no good reason, but he seems to have forgotten all of that in the reunion with parents and chihuahua. He and his chihuahua have gone back down the block to his place to get fresh clothes (well, clothes for him, not the […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24


good morning while the trees are still in shadow # @tradingnothing: they must be singularly without a sense of humor # @andrewhyde: Morning back at ya # More passive-aggressiveness oozing through the cracks of society… # what to do?… when you can do anything. # What more can you want than 4 pieces of tuna sushi for dinner? Nothing. Not even room for dessert. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

End of another fine Thursday


Dentist: uneventful. Only screamed once. But seriously, folks… nothing to report, and only reporting the nothing because I’d promised you all I would. I am noticing a rhythm to the days now, for the first time since my operation a year ago this last March. It’s a good rhythm, one I haven’t had at least since I’d drop Peter off to grade school and head to my math classes at the University of Cincinnati, an […]

iPhone not-rant

electronic life

For some yet-unexplained reason, my iPhone started talking to my laptop again, late last night, as if nothing was ever wrong. I wish I knew what I did, either wrong or right, but maybe the elves that run the MacBook and iPhone don’t want me to know. Yes, I believe elves run these things. The more I learned about computers, the more I believe it’s elves that run them. Human-contrived contraptions would break down even […]

Letters from Paradise


Well, okay, Letters from Chautauqua. But I love it here. I haven’t updated as much because, well, nothing happens in paradise, does it? That’s rather the definition of paradise: always the same loveliness. But tomorrow is the trip home, and to always the same… unloveliness? No, that’s not what I mean. But there will be two cats, and two dogs (we get to take care of Beatrix the Chihuahua for Peter till his return) and […]