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A rare sunny day in Cincinnati, by which I mean a day in which there is a break in the rain. So I shall try to learn how to take pictures of the rain.

To be read: Richard Trumka: The Lessons of Ohio


Four lessons to remember from Ohio: 1. 2010 didnt mean what you think. via Richard Trumka: The Lessons of Ohio. Related articles Ohio Voters to Kasich: “No, No, No” ( Big Wins Yesterday for the 99% in OHIO! ( Ohio Voters Reject Collective Bargaining Law, Protect Union Workers (

Chased by thunderstorms


As ┬ábreak today from searing heat, we get tremendous thunderstorms to wake us up. This is not the sort of thunderstorm like we have in Colorado that will leave the sky when it is through.┬áThis is an Ohio thunderstorm which will leave when it feels like doing so, and not a moment before. Anthropomorphising┬áThunderstorms gets you nowhere in real life, but it amuses the brain while the storm lingers. The trip to the dentist for […]