corporate language control

You know that huge, multinational corporations have too much control in our society when they can control independend scholarly pursuits because they fantasize that these pursuits reflect a bit poorly on the corporations themselves. Viz: Merriam-Webster explains disappearing McJob“Merriam-Webster is revising a web page for its Collegiate Dictionary after a McDonalds executive complained about the Continue reading corporate language control


I like this picture… not sure why. Quite rhythmic. Wall artStencils on the wall outside Smash City Records on Newbury Street:… [Boston Common]

tracing the roots

The Easterbrook blog’s existence alerted me to all the antisemitism which is online. So I am making an effort to dig up antisemitic tidbits, with the hope that, if I join the others doing so, this will help slow antisemitism down. This article has a peek at the roots. Antiglobalism¬ís Jewish Problem (November/December 2003) Anti-Semitism Continue reading tracing the roots