Friendly electric

It’s not only amazing how many social activity oriented services there are on the Internet, but amazing how many I’ve joined. I love to look like a skeptic, but that only goes so far. I’ve just tried friendfeed, which doesn’t seem to work when I paste its widget into my sidebar. So, forget that service. Continue reading Friendly electric

Blog Protection

Good ways to protect your current blog information, so that it remains your current blog installation. Blog Tips To Help You Make Money Online Matt Cutts recently wrote a post giving four good tips to protect a WordPress blog. Try these tips if you own a WordPress blog.

News from Pakistan

As I write, Fox News has reported on camera, if not online, that Benazir Bhutto is dead. I have been watching for just under an hour during which she has gone from having escaped from the bomb blast at her rally with no injuries, to having died in hospital of the injuries she had allegedly Continue reading News from Pakistan