Franz Klein on the iPhone

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Franz Klein on the iPhone, originally uploaded by silencematters. Interesting selection of wallpapers for your iPhone.

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-09

just what i need… cars 😛 # why can’t i get any work done unless it’s late at night? # turning written words into typescript.. looking endlessly for distractions # and how’s everybody today? # downloading wallpapers till twitter sorts itself out… # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-28

pondering sleep # at sbux, writing in a real paper journal by hand # trying to digest lunch # contemplating my friend who just sent a mailbox-busting letter with buncha cat pictures 😛 # Powered by Twitter Tools.