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At a party


At a party, originally uploaded by niehoff. This is Buck, on the left. On the right, that’s our friend, Dee. Buck didn’t believe me when I told him that I could blog the party we were at, right from the actual party. Now, he’s a little worried…

Further mishaps

electronic life

I also munged up the gallery plugin I was using. A reinstall doesn’t recognize my old galleries, so they’re gone. At least, they’re not the only copies I have. I know how much you wanted to see the pictures from our last Christmas… 😦

Spring Hat Day


I spent today’s lunchtime at an event for our local Parks Dept., raising an endowment for a new park to be placed in an area known as The Banks, which is between downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River. At any rate, the theme was hats, so I chose one from my days as a Hairless Cancer Patient. A spring day, luncheon, hats — spring is well and truly here. I wish I had taken pictures […]