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British TV and another poem by somebody else entirely

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Watched an episode of the seemingly endless British TV mysteries that I seem to be well able to ferret out on Netflix: Kavanagh QC. This series stars John Thaw, who is famous in America for the Inspector Morse series that he starred in. But I digress. I note that fact because it explains the latest addition to my almost-never-updated anthology section here on the blog, wherein I reprint shamelessly poems by other people that I […]


Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. —Leonard Cohen

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New poets I’m trying to like vs. New poets I haven’t managed to like yet

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Ever since coming across the Innisfree Coffee House and poetry bookstore in Boulder CO, I have been surrounding myself with lovely collected works editions of a number of modern & contemporary poets that I have managed not to have gotten before, or have only gotten in general anthologies. Not all have been successes, yet. Ones I should love, I still feel cold about. New best poetry-book friends: Elizabeth Bishop, Poems John Berryman, The Dream Songs […]