Part 3, JetBlue

Status Quo for Travel PrivacyConsumers and advocates have jumped all over JetBlue for its privacy lapse, so other airlines are taking a look at their policies. Seems most won’t change a thing. By Ryan Singel. [Wired News]

Continuing the story

Afraid to Go Back in the Air? You Should Be.After issuing a number of denials, JetBlue came “clean” last week about handing over the personal information of more than one million of its customers to a Pentagon contractor. [EFF: Press]

I love privacy

If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy…. JetBlue Shared Passenger DataThe airline admits it gave 5 million itineraries to a defense contractor last year without passengers’ consent. The contractor bought more personal information on the passengers, including Social Security numbers — for what purpose? By Ryan Singel. [Wired News]