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Salman Rushdie vs. Facebook

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Facebook yet again goes right up to the edge of sanity and jumps right over… A few days ago, Facebook allegedly kicked famous author Salman Rushdie off of its social network, and then asked him to change his posted name to Ahmed if he wanted to return. via Facebook tries to make Salman Rushdie change his name to Ahmed – Related articles Salman Rushdie Fights ‘Moronic’ Facebook for Site Takedown ( Facebook Tells Salman […]

Reading now… possibilities


I dragged up my copy of Infinite Jest last night before going to bed. I suppose that I thought I would make some kind of headway into it at last, after more than a year of ignoring the poor thing. Now it sits on the radiator, staring at me. I left off reading the book last year after it was far more effective at making me feel the cultural emptiness that inhabits and surrounds all […]