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Science and the Chattering Classes


“Oh, thanks, but you know I only take medications that have been subjected to rigorous double-blind testing… Really? Well, maybe, but I still kind of prefer science… Yup, I know. But hey, maybe all those chemicals are somehow good for us—maybe that’s why life expectancy goes up every year! Ha ha. Oh, gee, sorry. My wife thought it was funny, and she actually had cancer… What? Sure, some things are sacred, but… Gosh, I’m not […]

From our neck of the woods: math and computing history

Mathematics / Science

Web Produced By: Jeannine Gallenstein Email: Last Update: 7:56 am DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — A new Air Force supercomputer is named in honor of an Ohio man who was instrumental in cracking Nazi codes during World War II.The $2.2 million machine to be used by researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton is called the “Desch.” It will turn large amounts of radar surveillance data into three-dimensional video images that can observe an […]

Respectful Insolence from Orac

Current Affairs

I have myself noted the ever-growing prevalence of comparisons of certain politicians to Hitler, and the idiocy thereof. But Orac does it much better. Respectful Insolence: Far, far, sooner than expected, the monster returns to invade the Presidential campaign “So powerful was the illogic and tenuous nature of that comparison, comparing speeches just for cadences (given that they weren’t even in the same language) that it shut me down. I had to reboot. It has […]

The Scientific Method


A good explanation. I’m bookmarking it here for my own future reference, too. Howstuffworks “How the Scientific Method Works” So why does the scientific method remain such a mystery to so many people? Powered by ScribeFire.

Talking points

Current Affairs

For reasons yet to be discovered, I got out of the house and down to the coffee house before nine o’clock this morning. I snuggled myself down into my usual place on the couch. I then found myself in the midst of a pack of Democrats. Mind you, these are my usual coffee house cohorts — the ones that are always hanging around, and whom you get to know simply by being in the same […]