What’s up for today

Well, not me, yet. But I like to keep tabs on what’s popular here, at least as far as poetry goes. This past week, it’s been the usual: Jacques PrĂ©vert’s Le Cheval Rouge (with handy translation by yours truly) and coming in at a distant second, we have Siegfried Sassoon’s The Death Bed. The latter Continue reading What’s up for today

Three years, and some poetry statistics

Image via Wikipedia Time passes. Three whole years. In other news: statistics on my blog show that Le Cheval Rouge, by Jacques PrĂ©vert, is the currently most-read anthology piece on my blog, though Siegfried Sassoon‘s The Death Bed still holds the all-time lead in the anthology division, due to its having been recited by Judd Continue reading Three years, and some poetry statistics