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Waking up early on a Sunday morning: sunny and cool and delicious and so much pollen in the air I want to claw my skin off. Life balances itself out.

Powerlessness and power

Natural world

I must start out this blog post by admitting a thing that might make me either very popular here in Cincinnati, or, possibly, unpopular: we have electrical power at our house. Ever since Monday’s infamous “deluge” by the remnants of hurricane Ike, with huge windstorms and much power outage, the most common question around here is “Do you have power?” We came home, slowly but surely, yesterday, to find out that we did have power […]

I reveal my loves

electronic life

Much as I have grown to love and revere BBEdit as both a program and way of life, and have become an actual card-carrying member of its license holders, I still go to TextMate for my blogly-writing needs. As in all other life, that which you admire is different from that which you use. BBedit may be the grande dame of Macintosh text editors, but it doesn’t have native tools with which I can hack […]

Sunday nite at the movies!


For movie night, we had I’m not There to watch, courtesy of Peter. This is a biography of Bob Dylan done by lots of actors most of whom don’t look like him, except for Cate Blanchett, who not only moves but looks like him. Now that’s spooky. Also excellent acting. Each version of Bob Dylan was played by a wildly disparate cast that included Heath Ledger and Hayden Christensen. None of those guys approached Cate […]

The town of Boulder on a sleepy Saturday during the school year.


Saturday. Boulder. We had a flurry of activity early this morning, with a visit to the Kitchen, and toffee french toast for all. I managed to eat about half. Then we bopped around Target a bit, because I forgot to bring my underwear. We ended up buying a lot of food, too, and we just ate some lovely spaghetti with tomato and garlic sauce. I’ve spent the rest of the day in sedentary fashion, and […]

Settling in out West


We had dinner last night with some of our friends here in Boulder, at a lovely restaurant called Sunflower. It’s an organic food restaurant which is helping me to dispel my 1970’s notions of organic food as brown, strangely seasoned, and gritty. My tuna Ni├žoise was excellent, with a lovely tarragon dressing. If you’ve noticed how seldom I write about food, you know this had to be exceptional. Now I get to head off to […]