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What I am trying to digest

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Yesterday, we were in New York, and a copy of the Times arrived with the morning coffee. On the front page was an article about the following… National Security — The Torture Memos: In response to a longstanding American Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the Obama administration yesterday released four Bush-era legal memos dating back to 2002 and 2005 that provide legal justifications for the CIA to torture al-Qaeda detainees. The chart […]

Hurray for Denmark!

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I’m tempted now to head right on over to Denmark to cheer the populace on! I can hardly think of a worthier target right now for my ever-loving tourist dollar. Atlas Shrugs: DENMARK STANDS UP, ISLAM LOONEY TOON JIHAD AGAIN Denmark sets the example for the West. Muslims don’t like it? Let them live in those IslamicĀ  countries that repress human rights, free speech, women etc. We must stop sanctioning their 7th century tribal practices […]

News from Pakistan

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As I write, Fox News has reported on camera, if not online, that Benazir Bhutto is dead. I have been watching for just under an hour during which she has gone from having escaped from the bomb blast at her rally with no injuries, to having died in hospital of the injuries she had allegedly not received. The art department at Fox News has already got some basic portraits up with birth and death years […]