Sunset Boulevard is becoming my street now. I have driven it manymany times. As far as I can tell, it cuts east-west right through Los Angeles, or all of Los Angeles that’s worth going to. Except for Rodeo Drive. Sunset does not seem to go there. But I can deal with that, given time and Continue reading Sunset


Going to Israel for Yom Kippur. I wish I could get it to not feel so ominous. LA first, then to Ben-Gurion via New York. At the very least, that’s more than half a day sitting in a narrow little street. Tel Aviv sounds livelier than Jerusalem. I’ve been there, but only for about 2 Continue reading travels

no one came home

No one came home 1. Max was in bed that morning, pressed against my feet, walking to my pillow to kiss my nose, long and lean with aqua- marine eyes, my sun prince who thought himself my lover. He was cream and golden orange, strong willed, lord of the other cats and his domain. He Continue reading no one came home