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Watching Peter Gunn


An evening with a (to me, very) old rerun of Peter Gunn, a show more from my husband’s youth than mine. Not only did the detective wear a suit the whole time, but so did the crooks: suits, ties, and hats. One of the villains even wore a hat with a feather detail in it. The conflicts between good and bad guys were not convincing, nor were the punches that Peter Gunn had aimed at […]



The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind. — H. L. Mencken {qotd} [composed and posted with ecto] Now playing on iTunes: If You See Her, Say Hello from the album “Blood on the Tracks” by Bob Dylan Technorati Tags: qotd

Enough about depressing things

Cancer / Science / Spirit

You do learn to say that to yourself, and I think this is a major step forward for a cancer survivor. I know I had to say it today several times before the small moth-like anxieties fled. Then there was a horrible show that I slurped right up on E! TV about stars’ mental problems. I felt so home there with Gwyneth Paltrow going through the “baby blues” as they’ve come to be called. I […]

I reveal my loves

electronic life

Much as I have grown to love and revere BBEdit as both a program and way of life, and have become an actual card-carrying member of its license holders, I still go to TextMate for my blogly-writing needs. As in all other life, that which you admire is different from that which you use. BBedit may be the grande dame of Macintosh text editors, but it doesn’t have native tools with which I can hack […]

Early for coffee, and for energy. Not the same thing.


Usual oncologist’s checkup yesterday. I have been napping the last couple of days away, it seems, not just through laziness (though there is always that, I suppose), but also through a touch of anemia. I don’t have B12 issues yet, despite my imaginings of a couple of months ago; my red blood cells are still of normal size. So I spent a couple of days not writing blog entries because I was curled up in […]