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Road food caution for new vegetarians


There are a number of things that I as a somewhat new vegetarian are finding out (yet again): All road food restaurants have only fried animal parts to eat. Be aware! all you newly minted veggies out there! Make your own snacks before you get in the car! But you can stop at a Subway and get veggie delights with extra cheese. Related articles 13 Comedians You Didn’t Know Are Vegetarian Or Vegan (

The vegetarian life


I have been a vegetarian for the past three weeks or so — almost totally: there was that incident of me saying Veggie burger and the waiter hearing Turkey burger, but that was minor. I am finding myself in withdrawal, dreaming of roast beef and swiss on rye with mayonnaise in spite of the horror I felt watching the cows in the slaughterhouse on the video I posted here not long ago. Must eat much […]