Words of One Syllable Dept.

Sometimes, I wish I  lived in NYC… Overheard in New York | If You Liked Waiting for Godot, You’ll Love This Quote Little kid: Who is you? Who is you? Who is you? Who is you? Who. Is. You?!?!?!?! Woman: Does it matter? –Knickerbocker Ave. Overheard by: anonymous

end of July, poems

end of July — hearing the cicadas above the traffic ________________ end of July — dog waiting for cars in the shade ________________ end of July — rust on the gate creaks

Goodbye, children

Last night, for Movie Night, Other Patti and Our Friend Sally and I watched the French movie that gave Quentin Tarantino the name idea for his movie “Reservoir Dogs”. You see, Tarantino, before he became a famous director, worked in a movie rental store. Some (not so very brilliant) guy came in looking for a Continue reading Goodbye, children