Too much snow

After days of being simply a frozen blog, this blog is now officially snowed under. I am living right now in what appears to be an old-fashioned Christmas card. The downside of this is that soon we have to venture out, and risk the wrath of the police-persons. They’re out with their warnings now because Continue reading Too much snow

Still a frozen blog

We’re getting to be good friends, by now, with all of the various employees of our chosen HVAC company. The few kinks that are still left in our brand-new boiler are simply symptoms of its being a brand-new boiler: the brand-new parts still have oil left on them from the factory, and it’s this oil Continue reading Still a frozen blog

Blackberry winter

I think we here in Cincinnati are having a blackberry winter. Warm air has arrived, the daffodils are even mostly over, and most importantly for my breakfasting, blackberries have bloomed a bit wherever it is that they are (not here in my yard, unfortunately). Now we have our cold snap. The boiler is back on, Continue reading Blackberry winter