Tamar is here!

She’s here! Allison over at An Unsealed Room gave birth July 12 to Baby Blogger Tamar! I doubt that Tamar is ready for her first WordPress install (yet), but here’s hoping that she takes to sleeping through the night remarkably early. Mazel Tov, Allison and Tamar!

Comments (?)

Switching comments/trackbacks to Haloscan for a while. I can’t get WordPress to do what I want yet in these areas. So no, I didn’t erase your comments; they live in an alternate universe for the nonce.

Fast changes

Sorry for the flurry of style-sheet changes tonight – I have a new blog software program (WordPress), so I have to make it look just right. I think I can tweak this style. Now I have to figure out what to change the blue to. Time to go sleep some more. I think that is Continue reading Fast changes