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qotd: the writing life

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I have, in my professional life, met numberless writers who seemed paralysed by their own desire to write, who had intelligent and reasonable excuses for not starting, not committing, not getting on with it, who could trump any arguments or suggestions I might make towards putting anything on paper. It is nice to win arguments, but not if it means you deny yourself the chance to do something beautiful and intensely alive. Win or lose, […]

I get some writing done by deleting some writing programs.

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This makes sense if you think about it. Many word processors and text editors are out there now that are geared to the person writing a novel or a screen play — actually I think there are about three programs as well as any number of Word templates that are geared to screenwriters alone. There’s just this pernicious belief that if you have a certain writing program, that it will automatically make you a better […]