Evening at shul

7:43:10 PM I sit here on the floor of the main sanctuary at the Stephen S. Wise temple in Los Angeles, waiting for Rabbi M to start talking. Just had dinner with a few of the people from the temple — good looking dinner, wish I’d been hungry. Now the talk. Surprise overflow of people Continue reading Evening at shul


Buck left for home this morning at 5. So now I get around to my workaday world — meetings with the rabbi and the people we want to be our producers for the television project. Then to Israel on Thursday. I am making it all sound grim, even though it is not. I find it Continue reading Monday


This is my view at breakfast. We cannot see much due to the seasonal fog surrounding low-lying areas in southern California at this time of year. Fog should not be a problem in a month or two. Today we have scrambled eggs (me) and huevos rancheros (Buck). We were rudely awakened by the fire alarm Continue reading breakfast

Saturday Night in LA

So Saturday night is in full swing around the hotel’s pool, 2 floors below our room. My husband is dead to the world After getting back from Rosh Hashanah services today about 2:00, I had lunch and napped until time for dinner tonight with our friends. Cautions about LA restaurants: Be careful when drinking anything Continue reading Saturday Night in LA