Hot Hollywood gossip! Right here! One of the benefits of staying at a disgustingly stylish hotel is the possibility of getting gossip tidbits. Courtesy of tonight’s dinner downstairs with friends is this latest bit: Bennifer – Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Getting married tonight in Carmel. There, you’ve got all the details I have now. Continue reading BENNIFER

the life

After a long, hard morning of Rosh HaShanah services at the temple at which the rabbi is teaching for the week, I relax at the bar by the pool here at the Mondrian hotel. A beer keeps me company while the hotdog gets itself prepared in the kitchen. Of course, they have much fancier cuisine Continue reading the life

en route

10:29:56 AM So Delta charges Cincinnati passengers its highest rates, but does not provide us with decent airplanes. People in coach get throwaway bags of snacks, and those of us in first class will be fed lunches that wouldn’t have been good enough for coach two years ago. Whinewhinewhine. And, no plugs for the laptop, Continue reading en route

time to stand up

Not everyone, I believe, knows what I’ve known for years: librarians are on the very front lines of defense for computer privacy rights. They always have been, since the earliest days in the 1980’s when it became at all practical for the general user to access what is now called the Internet. Check out the Continue reading time to stand up