on the way

Some people are starting to get the idea about WiFi connections, which is good news for those of us with laptops that have pre-installed Airport cards in them. Like me! This is coming to you today courtesy of the T-Mobile HotSpot in the Delta Crown Room at the Cincinnati Airport. Got me my beer. Got Continue reading on the way


I usually don’t pay attention to most political blogs, because they’re usually of the knee-jerk brain-dead-patriotic sort. This following one might be an exception, though… Fuck You, George Bush!Ok, yeah, me and George, we don’t see eye to eye on policy issues. That may be due to the… [Suckful]

late at nite

So the bag is not packed, but that doesn’t take much. I hated the endless kvetching over clothes — exactly which ones to take or not, the innumerable shopping trips — that Mom did when I was a kid. I wear mostly the same outfit. Just need to remember to take a jacket and sweater. Continue reading late at nite


That is how I am coming to think of the initial set-out of travelling. Sudden overwhelming need for my house, my cats, my furniture, even my bedspread. All the clutter life brings about you, but which you don’t usually think about. A dream around suppertime: My son has had friends over (the ones in the Continue reading uprooting