You are about to enter another dimension

So I thought I’d try Sitemeter. No particular reason, but it is free….

And they sent me a letter with my password. But the letter is blank. I request another letter with password. It, too, is blank. So I write the webmaster. He answers, even though it was a Saturday night.

But his letter — you guessed it — is blank. So is the html attachment.

Maybe all the people in the world did disappear, and I’m the only one left!

One thought on “You are about to enter another dimension

  1. I should of course leave this blank,
    it would somehow be more fitting.

    I am a voice from the past,
    more innocent then than now.
    Life has left its marks.

    I knew a Genji once, we worked in Unison,
    Nice to see your are still around –

    E-mail me if you are so inclined – I still have memories of Ice cream with a two year old boy and his mom.

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