It is a luxury to leave the window open in this perfect weather, after the dreadful hot summer, and listen to the crickets and katydids. I turn down the volume on the television to hear the insects better.

Much hurry over small things: the cat needed her once-daily ear-drops, and her twice-daily antibiotic. Her ear is clean now, looks like an ear inside, and doesn’t smell terrible.

Buck let Peter go out to the climbing wall with Steven. Peter assured him that he had enough free periods tomorrow to get his work done in. Buck must have grown up extremely sheltered because he actually bought this, and figured that Peter would only be gone a very short time, even though the climbing wall is half an hour away. Right now, it is 9:11:27 PM and he is not back yet. I called — they’re at the mall. Steven needed a new pair of shoes, evidently. I wish Buck would learn to say “no.”