Long postings

I’m adding lots of long, odd-looking posts now. Why? It’s part of the move to Typepad. On my old site, which looks to the average FTP program much like a nest of dust-bunnies does to a vacuum cleaner, I kept my own personal bunch of favorite poems. So, if I’m gonna be here, they are too.

They’ll all be filed under the “anthology” section, in case you were dying to read them all at a chunk.

One thought on “Long postings

  1. Congratulations on the successful move.

    I’ve considered making the switch to typepad myself, now that they have domain-mapping. But I still maintain MT is evil. 😉 And the thought of transferring all my comments from Haloscan just makes me shudder.

    I’ll do it one of these days, of course.

    Oh, and nice work on the design, btw.

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