Poetry Hit Parade

I keep a sort of personal anthology of poetry by other people, right here on the blog. It’s under “anthology” in the categories over there on the left, surprisingly enough. I get lots of hits on those things from school and university sites. I wonder if there are similar courses out there among the lot of schools, because there are clear favorites.

Number one on the hit parade lately seems to be Gary Snyder’s Above Pate Valley. For a while, a month or so ago, it was Langston Hughes’ Theme for English B. A consistently strong performer is also Nikki Giovanni’s Nikki-Rosa.

I suppose these people are only looking the things up for class. I keep nurturing a very small hope, though, that there are one or two other poetry lovers out there, just looking for what someone else has put up online. I can dream. On my own blog, I can dream.

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