Another reason for me to leave catholicism

… which Irk at swirlspice wrote about: swirlspice: Casting Out, Indeed

I’m wondering why an exorcism in the Cathedral of St. Paul took 17 days to show up in the local papers.

ST. PAUL – Police are investigating an informal exorcism at the Cathedral of St. Paul, which was directed at gay Roman Catholics and will cost thousands of dollars to clean up, police and church officials said….

2 thoughts on “Another reason for me to leave catholicism

  1. When wacko Catholics go and do stuff like that, I get ‘irked.’ And sad. There’s really no reason for them to do something like that, and there’s no excuse for it either. They pervert Catholicism to justify their homophobia. Ick. Yuck and ugh.

  2. Agree totally, Steve. It just seems to me sometimes like the church is swayed so heavily by the “wacko conservative” branch of members, and by those who are just a hair removed from primitive superstition (“I saw Jesus’s face in the mold inside my refrigerator door!”)… I’m overwhelmingly curious to see what the church’s future is.

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