Redefining our terms, Wednesday edition

OK, here we have the testimony of a person, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, who actually did undergo torture. He helpfully stacks up his own experiences with that which the Lefty Moonbats (if I may use such a colorful term for such strident, serious people) are calling “torture.”

GM’s Corner: The Radical Left, The Left and The War On Terror:
“On the first of June [1969…ed.], I was put in a cement box with a steel door, which sat out in the tropical summer sun. There, I was put in leg irons which were then wired to a small stool. In this position I could neither sit nor stand comfortably. Within 10 days, every muscle in my body was in pain (here began a shoulder injury which is now inoperable). The heat was almost beyond bearing. My feet had swollen, literally, to the size of footballs. I cannot describe the pain. When they took the leg irons off, they had to actually dig them out of the swollen flesh. It was five days before I could walk, because the weight of the leg irons on my Achilles tendons had paralyzed them and hamstrung me. I stayed in the box from June 1 until Nov. 10, 1969. While in the box, I lost at least 30 pounds. I would be curious to hear Mr. Durbin explain how this compares with having a female invade my private space, and whether a box in which the heat nearly killed me is the same as turning up the air conditioning.”

Now, regardless of what my husband tells me, I’m just not as good-looking as I was when I was nineteen. However, you standing right next to me is something that I could never define as torture.

Me standing next to you, however… well, that could be a whole ‘nother thing.

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