Month: June 2005

Fight Back! Spam!

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Fight Back! Spam!: Did you know that more than 1,000 spam messages are released every second?! Despite efforts by the government and nearly every security vendor out there, spam has not been discouraged and continues to propagate. But, there is a great article with some good tips on avoiding being a spam victim.

Still re-working those definitions

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Gail found this excerpt of an actual visitor/witness to the abuse at Guantanamo. Turns out, the actual abuse isn’t quite what we thought it was… Crossing the Rubicon2: A First Hand Report of Gitmo After speaking with soldiers, sailors, and civilians who collectively staff Gitmo, I left convinced that abuse definitely exists at the detention facilities, and it typically fails to receive the press attention it deserves: it’s the relentless, merciless attacks on American servicemen […]

Another day, another iTunes version

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Now we have iTunes 4.9, which I am diligently installing as we speak. (Or, as I write. Whichever. ) Podcasting support in this one. This is beginning to go too fast for me — I’ve never even listened to my first podcast yet, so what do I need with podcasting support? Again… whichever. Time to go listen to some Massive Attack … [posted with ecto]