Speaking out

I’m still new enough to Judaism that today’s rampant antisemitism leaves me slack-jawed and wordless. So I find places where others (Solomonia this time) say what I mean better than I am able to at the moment. Solomonia The cold-shoulder approach that the Israel-rejectionists have exercised since Israel’s founding, and particularly since 1967, has been Continue reading Speaking out

podcast subscription

A graphical reference and how-to: “How do I subscribe to podcasts with iTunes?” from the Ask Dave Taylor! Help Desk

Fight Back! Spam!

Fight Back! Spam!: Did you know that more than 1,000 spam messages are released every second?! Despite efforts by the government and nearly every security vendor out there, spam has not been discouraged and continues to propagate. But, there is a great article with some good tips on avoiding being a spam victim.