Words of One Syllable Dept.

Perspectives – Newsweek Periscope – MSNBC.com: “He ate half of her.” Chesapeake Bay waterman David Johnson, on what happened (after a failed mating attempt) when he put a bilateral gynandromorph—an extremely rare half-male, half-female crab that he and a colleague had found—into a tank with a normal female

Paper Enigma Machine

Paper Enigma Machine… I’ve always wanted to build one, you know. Well, not necessarily out of paper, per se. But you get the idea.

Redefining our terms, Wednesday edition

OK, here we have the testimony of a person, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, who actually did undergo torture. He helpfully stacks up his own experiences with that which the Lefty Moonbats (if I may use such a colorful term for such strident, serious people) are calling “torture.” GM’s Corner: The Radical Left, Continue reading Redefining our terms, Wednesday edition