from the "Hunh?" files…

I love watching the little weasels slide ever so slowly off the deep end… Simon Jenkins, whom CoR quotes, is starting to hallucinate, I believe, and will soon start reporting about George W. Bush riding at the head of an army of pink elephants down the streets of Baghdad….

via The COLOSSUS OF RHODEY: Bush: Ordered bombing as governor:
Amazing how President Clinton agreed to allow Texas Governor George W. Bush do such a thing, ain’t it?

4 thoughts on “from the "Hunh?" files…

  1. Yes, I got the point of the post. I was AGREEING with your sarcasm. My “Hunh?” was directed at Simon Jenkins, the guy you were making fun of. Maybe you’re too stupid to get subtlety?? You’re certainly incredibly rude and hostile.

    A civilized blogger would follow this up with an apology, but I don’t think I can expect that of you.

  2. Patti: when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I offer my sincerest apologies. But, your excerpt doesn’t make it clear to whom you’re referring. And I’ve been getting “bashed” by friend and foe alike lately for my latest posts, so sorry — again — for my overly visceral reaction. I jumped the gun.

  3. Thanks, Hube! 🙂

    You’re right, I should have been a little clearer in the original post.

    PS: I added a few more words, and hope my meaning’s clearer now.

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