Baked potatoes are a feast.

The baked potato that I just ate half of was quite a feast — tasted much better than tube feeding, of course. Also was the most volume of non-liquid stuff I’ve eaten since surgery. Just bake you your potato, and put on some margarine and salt and pepper. There you go. You can fluff it up into nice, little bites which are easy to eat.

Now that I’ve done this, though, I may have to go eat some more. People expect things from you. Eating isn’t my favorite thing for now, since my stomach is so much smaller than it used to be. I was also always a picky eater, which I think I just mentioned anyway. I’m all for turning temporarily into a plant and just soaking up what I need from the sun and the air.

My next big landmark: sleeping in my own bed. No time set for this, though, since tube feeding at night is still a necessary. (I sit there and eat tubes all night. Right.)

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