[how close?]

Replacing “far away” and
“are we there yet?” and
“where am I?” —

Replacing long-ago questions
with statements more rounded,
less severe in meaning and intent.
“How much further?” turns into
“No closer than you’d thought.”

And the wind from the west —
where the weather comes from —
tugging at your ear with final
revelations, but now you know
to turn to it and say,
“Still, no closer than I’d thought.”


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One thought on “[how close?]

  1. Hi Patti,
    Just learned about your cancer. How out of touch is that?!? So sorry you have had to go through so much. I hear that you are on the recovery road. CONGRATS! Hope our paths cross soon. With best wishes for health and happiness,
    Jane (you know, old cps friend and current fellow cincy resident)

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