A Thanksgiving tree-rat for you

We are staying in a hotel bordering Gramercy Park this Thanksgiving, and it was such a beautiful morning that I had to get out there with the camera.

I found this little guy on the sidewalk. As you can see, he/she has already begun feasting. I am going to head on over to Eric’s to see how the Texan tree-rats might be faring…

3 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving tree-rat for you

  1. Our squirrels are well-fed, perhaps too much so, but their thankfulness is suspect. You know how they can be.

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts, and may you and yours enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  2. I hope that your all’s day was excellent too!

    I find that I like both the tree and gutter rats. I don’t know why — maybe it’s the constant activity that consumes them both.

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