Flatirons in Snow 4

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Flatirons in Snow 4, originally uploaded by niehoff.

More flatirons. My best view, if it weren’t for the sign down at the bottom. Oh, well…

2 thoughts on “Flatirons in Snow 4

  1. Hi just had a butchers at your website. (Linked in from watchers blog ‘Eye on the World’)
    Love your winter photos. Noticed you are using a Nikon D40. How do you find it? Myself I own a couple of DSLRs;
    A Sony Alpha and an Olympus 400. Out of the two I must admit the Sony takes the better pics. But the Olympus is far easier to cart around. However I don’t have the eye that you do. Congratulations on taking such beautiful pictures. Oh by the way
    I noticed you were in London in July 2005. I hope you had a nice time. (I mean so soon after the bombing) and that awful event didn’t spoil your trip.
    That happy snap you took of where Isaac Newton lived. Well I actually live in the town he grew up in, Kings School is actually about half a mile away.
    Pounce the Cats whisker.

  2. I really love the D40. With it I can take far better pictures than I should be able to. Also, it fits all the lenses.

    Yes, we had a great time in London, too. Some day I hope to get to Newton’s birth-place and all those other historical spots. The history of math is a hobby of mine.

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