Poetry, again

I have actually started writing poetry again, mostly my favorite: haiku. However, I seem only to be able to write them down by hand, and so don’t have them handy to post here on the blog.

What I need is a bridge, an easy way to get them (or rather, remember to get them) from “there” to “here.”

Anyone know of such a thing? I’m contemplating using Tinderbox. I get so tangled up in that; there’s so very much time spent creating your own structure that it’s way too tempting to sit there and tinker with it, instead of sit there and write. Or do anything else.

3 thoughts on “Poetry, again

  1. Go ahead: write in Tinderbox.

    Sure, there are temptations to tinker with structure in Tinderbox. There are always temptations. Resist them — or accept that you want to write a hypertext and embrace them.

  2. Pat, the “tinker with the program” times are just the in-between visits from the muse; they keep you in the area of your work.

    I’m just getting used to Tinderbox, but if you check out 100 Images/Poems, I believe Steve Ersinghaus has been using Tinderbox to write his poems into before posting them at Mediaplay (http://steveersinghaus.com/mediaplay) and he may be able to answer your questions about it.

  3. You’re right, Mark. That’s what I’m gonna do.

    I love a philosophical programmer 🙂

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